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Phønix 2014
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Phønix 2014
Fotos: Ard Jongsma
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Band story

2013: 2013 This was a big children`s/family concert year for Phønix. We played 80% of the Kamæleon clubs of the country and played a lot of school concerts. We also played regular concerts in Denmark and Germany. This was also the year we composed, arranged and recorded for our new cd ”NU”. It was a good and creative process which brought us well into the realm of music to research new sound possibilities. We recorded the tracks along the way in Jesper Vinther`s new handsome studio in Odense.

2012: 2012 Our new children`s concert was played at a lot of schools all over Denmark, in MalmÜ (Sweden) and the Faroe Islands. We had 2 good and well-visited tours of Germany, concerts in cultural centres in Belgium, as well as excellent Danish venues such as Industrien in Aarup, Toldkammeret in Elsinore, Dexter in Odense and Slagelse Musikhus. The high points of the year were the double concert with Rannok at Brandts in Odense and our concert at the Tønder Festival.

2011: 2011 We played at Strib Vinterfestival and then we toured the north of Sweden where we played at UmeFolk. Later that year we visited the Åland Islands and a cultural centre concert tour in Belgium. In Denmark we were invited to play the school concert festival ”Musik i Tide” in Roskilde. Here we presented our brand new children´s concert.

2010: 2010 The year when Phønix celebrated their 20th birthday with a tour all over Denmark, from Thy to Drejø, and released the greatest hits cd ”20”. 2010 brought Phønix to Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Sweden.

2009: 2009 really was a year for Phønix to see Europe.
In February Phønix went to Holland and we did Germany even more thoroughly than usual with concerts both on the Folk Baltica Festival in Flensburg and three small gigs around in the country at large. We were invited to play at the folk music organisation ProFolks 25 years jubilee, a magnificent gala in Berlin.
We spent July making an interesting cross over-project with the very competent classical Ensemble MidtVest, which resulted in a fantastic concert on the beautiful manor Nørre Vodsborg by Holstebro (in North Jutland).
We visited the new Folk Festival Musik Over PrÌstø Fjord in August and had concerts in among other cities Copenhagen, Odense and Randers.

2008: At the Danish Music Awards 2008 Phønix received two awards, Vocalist Of The Year and Traditional Album Of The Year, for the cd PhønixFolk.
We got a fair number of concerts both home and abroad as well, a.o. Nordfra Festival in Leipzig (DE) and a large project called "Berlinaut" with the German group Malbrook, on different locations in and around Berlin, among these the quite well-known Kultur Brauerei.
In July we went to Northern Italy as well, to give 4 concerts on the fantastic festival Folkest Festival. In October we had a gig in Sweden, arranged by Svenska Rikskonserter, with locations in Stockholm and on LinkĂśping Folkmusik Festival. In Denmark we visited Copenhagen Jazzfestival, the Sankt Hans-concert in Roskilde Bypark, Torup Festivalen on North Sealand and some other places.

2007: This year was in the sign of "Europe close to us". In March Phønix started a 12-day tour in Austria and Germany including a live show on Radio Bremen. Over the summer there were concerts at the two folk festivals KorrÜ and Viljandi, in Sweden and Estonia respectively, as well as 6 concerts in different German locations.
In October the sixth Phønix album "PhønixFolk" was released. This was celebrated properly (with champagne) at the RoFolk festival in Roskilde, where Phønix played a great concert and had an equally great party afterward.
Steen Dahl wrote about the concert in Roots Zone: "They certainly belong in the master class and have roots, musical nerve and ability to play to their large audience both at home and abroad. (...) One has to take off ones hat and say: That is the way to do it!”

2006: During 2006 Phønix began to concentrate their concert activities in Europe. That is why Phønix visited the German performing arts forum KulturbÜrse Freiburg in January in order to create new contacts.
At this time, Phønix released a dvd with Phønix live performances from the USA.
Phønix also started a cooperation with Folk Stage Booking, which yielded a performance at the big event, held at Det Bruunske Pakhus (Fredericia, DK) and transmitted via the Internet.
In November, Phønix found time for a tour in Holland.

2005: Phønix started the year as the musical name for the region of Funen in 2005. This offered the possibility of an extensive tour consisting of 18 concerts all over Funen.
In 2005, Phønix has also played a lot of concerts for children. Again, the band is included in the catalogue of Chameleon and school concerts of LMS and in many regional catalogues. They have also played for German, Swedish and Belgian children. In February, Phønix entertained at the Children Culture Week in Berlin. In April, the Swedish organisation ”Rikskonserter” set up a school concert tour in Sweden, and in May they played 18 concerts for Jeunesses Musicales in Belgium.
In March, the new live record ”Collage” was shortlisted for two Danish Music Awards – Folk.
The year 2005 was under the heading of H.C. Andersen, and Phønix helped celebrate his 200th birthday at two concerts in Odense.
There was also time for a quick trip to Memphis, TN, in October to play promotion showcases at a performing arts fair, PAE.

2004: Showcases at the APAP Conference in New York with a subsequent successful tour in NY, MA and Rhode Island. Then a tour in Finland, Belgium, Luxemburg and Norway offering plenty of possibilities to present our new childrens concert without words.
In Denmark Phønix was part of Live music in Schools Chameleon Concertos and played many great concerts all over the country. During the summer and the autumn was concerts in both Denmark and abroad recorded for a new live cd Collage, released November 26th. 2004.

2003: School Concert Tour in Denmark. Representing Danmark at Folkalliance 2003 in Nashville(US). Here contact was established with two American agents, Nancy Carlin and Lynn McConnel, who now take care of booking in the US and Canada.
Phønix became a quartet in order to do a lot more touring.

2002: Phønix record their 4th CD pigen & drengen (The Girl & The Boy), the first one with a vocalist. Play a Promotion Tour in Denmark.

2001: Louise Høegh and Kristine Heebøll leave Phønix to seek new challenges. Karen Mose becomes the new vocalist, and during the spring, Phønix practise new repertoire. Phønix play concerts in Denmark and abroad, among others The Dranouter Folkfestival in Belgium.

2000: Phønix are invited to represent Danmarks Radio at the international EBU Folk festival in Roznov in the Czeck Republic.

1999: The release of a live-CD marks the culmination of Phønix life as a band so far. A new era begins when singer Louise Høegh joins the band, bringing her repertoire of traditional Danish songs and ballads with her.

1998: Phønix are by now well known on the Danish folk scene and leave their mark on contemporary Danish folk music with their new style and fresh arrangements.

1997: New percussionist Jesper Falch joins the band. In October the second CD is released. The band plays gigs in clubs and at festivals all over Denmark.

1996: Lars leaves the band. During the summer Phønix perform at festivals in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

1995: In August the first CD of newly composed music is released, and the name of the band is changed to Phønix. In December percussionist Karin Jensen joins.

1994: Music composed by the band members gradually substitutes the traditional tunes.

1993: Kristine Heebøll becomes the new fiddler in the band. In November a second MC of traditional dance music is released.

1992: In January Fritterne release their first MC of traditional and original tunes. Harald leaves the band late in the year.

1991: Fiddler Harald Haugaard Christensen joins the band.

1990: Katja Mikkelsen, Anja PrĂŚst, Jesper Vinther and Lars Folkmann form the band Fritterne playing mainly traditional Danish music at dances and dance festivals in Denmark.

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